Saren Dobkins "We Share the same Heart"


During her painting career which spans over 30 years, Saren has been committed to exploring an oeuvre that explores human dilemmas, interactions and desires. She has traveled extensively all her life, having lived in Zambia, Scotland, Israel and Australia which has given her an open, curious and empathetic perspective that is reflected in her work.

We Share the Same Heart Oil on canvas, 130 x 75 cms This work, like much of my practice explores the underlying essential nature of our universal being. Despite conflict, both internally and externally, we all share the same heart. The red centre, the Red Heart of Australia. The two sections split horizontally play with the traditional painterly notions of landscape; land and sky. On another level, the earth rich and brown from thousands of years of layered meaning, while hovering above represents the lighter skinned and mixed peoples that live here too, their fabric less substantial. The outline form of the human form unites us, open armed with potential.

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