Naminapu Maymuru-White "Milniyawuy" 119 x 11 cms (memorial pole)


It was in the wangarr, ancestral times, when the Guwak men, Munuminya and Yikawanga, siƫting under the shade of the sacred Marawili tree, instructed the ancestral koel cuckoo Guwak to lead the Maŋgalili people to this new place they had established for them at Djarrakpi. Having seen the people settled in their new homeland they announced to the Maŋgalili their farewell, that they, the Guwak
men were to travel out to sea, to a place in the sky and that they would become stars which would shine out of the night sky. So a canoe and paddles were made and their journey began by paddling down the Milngiya River which flows into the Blue Mud
Bay near Djarrakpi. In the bay, at a place of significance, strong winds developed and capsized the canoe - the men drowned. At this place is the site of Yingalpiya, the freshwater crocodile’s nesting place. This same place is the spirit source for
Maŋgalili people. The Guwak Men, it was said, had attempts made on them to be rescued. A special log Milkamirri or Bandumul, containing mangrove worms offered itself as assistance. Ŋoykal the ancestral king fish is also manifest in this form. Even the rock cod they had caught for their journey offered assistance, as did Dhäla the sea creature.

Ochre on Wood 


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