Malcolm Jagamarra "Frog Dreaming"

This painting depicts iconography referring to the Frog (Purda Punta) Dreaming. This Dreaming evolves from the Lander River, 200 miles north-west of Alice Springs, The Frog (Purda Punta) buries itself underground in the Lander river system and surfaces only, when the river floods (which can be up to seven years). Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra was born in 1955 at Aningie Station in Central Australia. He is the son of Minnie Napanangka (deceased) a traditional Warlpiri woman and Gerry Maloney, an Irish stockman. As a young child Malcolm lived a relatively traditional Aboriginal way of life spending time on country and travelling the land on walkabout with his mother and family. 200 x 120 cms Acrylis on Linen Canvas (2003)

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