Tanith Kershaw "Midnight in Mada"

Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh is one of the districts with immense natural history. It was once ruled by the Rewa Princely State and its architectural history dates way back. It has remained one of the cradles of civilization in India and this can be seen in the numerous architectural evidences present around the whole area. One of the most important tourist destinations in Singrauli are the Mada Caves. Located in Mada Tehsil about 32 kms from Waidhan, these caves date back to the 7th -8th century. Mada caves are north-east facing and also cut out of a single mountain. This cave has some of the most beautiful architectural nuances and is one of the most famous in the region. Legend has it that Raavan stayed in this very cave resulting in it being called Raavan Mada.. Size 183 x 122cms Oils on Linen

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