Ethan-james Kotiau "Bandara Mundu Bindana #9"

Born in 1995, Ethan always had a passion for creating and the exploration of art through music. With music in his blood, Ethan could write songs and play many instruments from early childhood. In the following years, he continued to develop his artistic proficiency; studying classical music, ancient literature and sound production. His creative disposition is deeply rooted in his aboriginal ancestry through the Gunggari and Iningai tribes of Central Queensland. In 2018, he set out to rekindle his relationship with his culture. After visiting a desert art exhibition in Brisbane, it impressed on him a personal responsibility to share his stories and those of his people through visual art. Drawing on cultural knowledge passed down to him from his community he began painting, dedicated to forging a style unique to his country and people. In his work he thoughtfully uses traditional elements in a contemporary way, to provoke nostalgia and optimism. Ethan’s paintings express storytelling with precision and fervour to gracefully frame the landscape of his country. Size: 122 x 91 cms. Composition: Acrylics on Canvas.

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