Susan Joyce "Compromise"


Through inventive abstract painting I find surreptitious ways of resolving the intricate busyness with the spaciousness, allowing both to coexist with humour and homage.
I rarely blend colours on the canvas but rather expose with clarity the building of the painting finding some sense of honesty in using literal brushmarks. I relish the art of forming a really good brushmark. My paintings are a mix of dichotomies, I’m attracted to a tonal range from light to dark thinking of sunlight and shadows, I use both bright and muted colours, transparent wash and flat paint surface and as discussed the detailed intricacy with expansive space, I also allow the paint to have its own leeway to some extent, restraining myself from over correcting something that so inherently infiltrates leaving its unique calling card. Contemporary Australian Artists.

94 x 70 cms Acrylic on Canvas 2019 

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