Melissa Ladkin "Gadjan #1 spring water day"


"My practice represents the multi-layered history of our people and our intrinsic connection to country. I have been caring for country for most of my life and have a reciprocal relationship with the land. This practice has brought me closer to the heart of our ancient land and shares old stories & wisdom. Ochres are living, sentient beings, filled with energy & spirit and hold a knowing that is learned over deep time. I acknowledge and honour the connection that my people and all traditional owners have to this ancient medium. I respect & understand that each different nation/clan/family group has its own history, traditional cultural practices, protocols and spiritual beliefs to ochres. These ochre stories are the palette of my cultural expression and I hope they can evoke and resonate with your own connection to country and how you walk upon it." Size 91 x 91 cms, Composition: Ochre earth pigment. 

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