Konstantina "Sunshine and Lollipops"


Australia’s history has an increasingly forgotten past of cultural genocide that was exacerbated by the volume of Original Nations people moved into camps called Missions. These missions were run by white, religion based colonisers to breed out the black, the language and the culture of our people. These missions still existed into the 1960’s and were a root cause of The Stolen Generation and institutional multi-generational trauma up until very recently. It is well documented in many books and even in the Missions own newsletter publications titled “Our Aim” (readily available online to read and wonder) that children were treated as ‘attractions’ to busloads of white God-fearing and church going parishioners who were encouraged to bring along sweets such as boiled lollies and lollipops ‘spoil the native children’. But as we all know, it wasn’t all Sunshine and Lollipops in those places.

64 x 64 cms polymer and acrylic on canvas

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