Konstantina "Proud" 156 x 104 cms


Some argue that our culture would have oppressed such (homosexual or LGBTI) behaviour. This raises some interesting questions, as well as some colonial mythologies. Which traditional Aboriginal culture is being referred to here? When white people colonised Australia, there were hundreds of Aboriginal cultures. To know the mores and values of every single Aboriginal culture would be a major feat of anthropological prowess. The idea of ‘traditions’ is also dangerous because it glues us to the past, rendering us immovable and static. It also sets up a system of haves and have-nots – those who have maintained their ‘traditional’ culture, and those who have lost it.All cultures change, and Aboriginal people would not have survived for so long had they not been adaptive and dynamic.*Excerpt from Archer magazine originally published in June 2014.Steven Lindsay Ross is a proud Wamba Wamba man from Deniliquin, New South Wales. Steven has worked in water management, Indigenous rights, crime prevention and the arts, and has attended two United Nations meetings on Indigenous issues and is proudly gay.

156 x 104cs polymer and acrylic on canvas

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