Konstantina "Grey Matter"


It is the space between black and white that should occupy our grey matter. This grey matter is a place of resilience, beauty and dreaming. Perhaps our New Dreaming or perhaps we should call it ‘change’, can only occur here in this grey space, the invertible space between the two existent ‘things’. Orange though, is often noted as the colour of urgency and change “It is the colour of Guantanamo Bay jumpsuits, Agent Orange and since 9/11, the second highest terrorist threat in the US. Orange is used in traffic signage and warning symbols on the roads, in part because it forms high contrast against the blue-grey asphalt…And the black boxes on aircraft which record flight information, are, in fact, orange, in the hope this will make them easier to find in the event of a crash.” So in my New Dreaming, I want to be orange, not Black nor white, nor the grey matter between.

156 x 104cms polymer and acrylic on canvas

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