Bernie Gooley "Fruit Bath"


Acrylics on Canvas 167 x 74 cms Year 2020

“I was born in Melbourne, into a strong, close family unit where I had a typically unconventional upbringing. The extensively used “Man” symbol is me playing out my story. My life as an adventure, symbolic of me fitting in, inserting myself into places, situations or scenes where I feel I don’t particularly belong. My use of vivid reds contrasted with dark shades of black and pink are used to evoke passionate emotions in the viewer, colours & patterns collide to reflect my world view. The suspended backlit LED lighting is a spotlight adding depth to our dramatic and chaotic, yet beautiful life. Each piece is constructed with “Toughened 4mm glass, stained and charred plywood,        metal chain, LED sheet lighting, and acrylic paint”

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