Barbara Weir 'Grass Seed Dreaming' 200 x 90 cms

Barbara Weir was born at Bundy River Station in 1940 in the Utopia region in the Northern Territory of Australia, This dreaming story refers to the grass seed that is part of the bush food found in the region. Seed is collected, crushed to a fine powder and then used to make bread. With these paintings, Barbara combines both aerial and side-on view to describe dense fields of swaying grass in close focus. 
Art Gallery of Queensland, Brisbane. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Queensland College of Art, Artbank, Amp,
Griffith University, Brisbane, Holmes a Court Collection, Hitachi, Macquarie Bank, 
Acrylic on linen canvas, Year 2008 Size: 200cm x 90cm.

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