Alan Winderoo Tjakamarra 'Footsteps'


This artwork depicts Mala, the Rock wallaby dreaming, and shows its tracks. The circles are where the wallaby rested on its dreaming journey. This dreaming is a part of men’s law, the Tingari Ceremony. Born 'in the bush’ c.1920, probably near Hidden Basin, Alan Winderoo was a senior law-man of the Kukatja tribe within the Balgo community. His country on his father’s side was Yinpirkuana (Impirrkarwanu) near Lappi Lappi. He began painting in Balgo for Warlayirti Artists in 1987, but may have painted prior to this, through his links with the Yuendumu community. His works exhibit a strong sense of tradition. The often rough application of paint serves to confirm that what was important to the artist was the message, which in turn is concerned with powerful events and forces of the mythological past. A painting of the artist’s was exhibited at the Madrid Art Fair in February 1990. Aboriginal Art Dot Paintings.

Acrylic on linen canvas, 1995, Size 90 x 60cms. .

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