Nhoj "Parachilna"


When asked to describe the style of my art endeavour, I’m often struggle to answer that question as I’m perplexed to be categorized. So (once more) my answer is “A regurgitation of current emotions”. To explain it simply, I paint what I feel and when I place myself in environmental situations that press my emotional buttons which then hopefully triggers and emotional response for the viewer. Colour often defines my work as does humour and more recently to use the power of my medium to deliver a strong message, albeit subtley.
Nhoj’s artistic response stems from his pioneering ventures and a lifetime as an earth warrior and romantic thrill-seeking scallywag. The son of an artist and studying mediums since the age of 12, His works contain the underlying wisdom of joy

135 x 104 cms canvas, acrylic, gouache & resin 

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