Grace Knight "Rust Geode" (3 pieces)



Grace has made art from materials ranging from concrete to dried gourds over the years, but it is her love of textiles that drew her back and for the past few years she has been working in wool and acrylic yarn, creating by hand these splendid tufted floor rugs or wall hanging pieces.  A geode is a geological secondary formation within sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Geodes are hollow, vaguely spherical rocks, in which masses of mineral matter (which may include crystals) are secluded. The crystals are formed by the filling of vesicles in volcanic and subvolcanic rocks by minerals deposited from hydrothermal fluids; or by the dissolution of syn-genetic concretions and partial filling by the same or other minerals precipitated from water, groundwater, or hydrothermal fluids. 327 x 93 cms

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