Emily Pwerle "Awelye Atnwengerrp"

“Awelye- Atnwengerrp” is depicted by a series of lines and symbols, often criss-crossed patterns that are layered across the canvas creating an explosive & vibrant mass of colour. Emily has developed her own contemporary style and is proving to be a prolific, energetic and talented artist, akin to her late sister Minnie Pwerle. Emily boldly uses acrylics on canvas to convey the heightened colours of ochres painted on the women’s breasts for ‘Awelye’ and the colours of her country. They read both as a calligraphic language and contemporary celebration of the ancient wisdom of her culture. She is a prolific and talented artist whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia, as well as in Korea, New York, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Size 80 x 60 cms Acrylics on Belgian Linen

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