John Dahlsen "Pacific Garbage Patch #1"

I have been engaged in a long standing exploration of the coastal landscape, in painting, sculpture and photography in the area where I live and work. I have used recycled materials to convey the history and memory of a place, to comment on the human experience of place, beauty, degradation of the environment and the inspiration possibile with recycling. Elements that underpin the art practice include the relationship of multi-dimensional concerns, highlighting in certain works an integration of symbolic geometric shapes, which are used in the exultation of mundane objects such as ocean litter. The works transform rubbish into objects of value, raising questions about the assignation of cultural worth. They also compel the viewer to make links between everyday objects, and art. This work actively mobilizes the unstable boundaries between what is human-made and what is natural. There has been a longstanding engagement and exploration of the coastal landscape with this creativity, examining the passage of time in the landscape and the place of humankind within it. 183 x 183 approx. Composition: Found micro plastics, sustainable plant based resin and chalk on Belgian Linen Year 2018

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