Gretel Killeen "Aunty Mame"


GRETEL KILLEEN is a best-selling author, award-winning comedy writer and host of award-winning TV. She has worked in every sector of the media and arts industries and started her career after dropping out of law studies and accidentally performing comedy while reading a serious poem. Since then Gretel has sung as The Octopus on TV’s The Masked Singer, poisoned guests on Come Dine With Me, advocated for refugees and asylum seekers on Go Back to Where You Came From, appeared regularly as a social and political commentator on The Project and Sunrise. 

*Conditions: This artwork is based on an original photograph by Rennie Ellis (1940 – 2003) who was a colourful Australian social documentary photographer and founder of Brummels Gallery of Photography, Australia's first dedicated photography gallery and published 17 photographic books. This is a series of 5 works each one based on a Rennie Ellis photograph and tricked up by Gretel for these torrid Covid times.

(Royalties are paid to the Ellis Family foundation) 119 x 76 cms

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