Ethan-james Kotiau "Bandara Mundu Bindana #6"

Size: 120 x 90 cms. Composition: Acrylics on Canvas. Emerging young artist Ethan-james is a member of the Gunggarri people from central QLD. Ethan’s journey into the aboriginal art world began after he visited an exhibition in a Brisbane gallery and saw a painting by indigenous artist Ningurra Napurrala Gibson. Ethan loved Ningurra’s depiction of land and country and knew he could also paint what was in his heart's mind. Ethan grew up around Longreach where his grandmother and the elders taught him much about their land, indigenous ways and culture. Ethan had the privilege to learn about art practice from Kurun Warun, a close family friend and an established and highly collected indigenous artist – something Ethan says he is extremely grateful for, as he is now able to interpret his own stories in the painting of his artworks revolving around “land rivers creeks”.

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