Bernard Singleton "Firesticks" (Set of 4)


Bernard Singleton is an Umpila man from eastern Cape York Peninsula. He maintains strong cultural connections also to his Djabuguy and Yirrgay country of the Cairns Region where he is based. His expertise is in crafting traditional hunting weapons and tools mainly due to his fathers work as an archaeological relics ranger for 30 years. Bernard has over 15 years experience in Cultural Tourism travelling internationally presenting, performing, educating and more recently becoming involved in curatorial work in Art Galleries, Exhibitions and Art fairs in northern Australia. All of his work, even though modern or contemporary, have a foundation of traditional crafting, traditional materials or creation stories within. “I paint, craft and make artefacts to ground myself. It is known that these techniques, used over hundreds of years, become somewhat embedded in our DNA. So through the process of making a spear or shaping the figure of a spirit, I connect with my ancestors and they help bring my art to life. My work is a way for me to acknowledge and remember the times of my great grandmothers and great grandfathers. My designs are inspired by the laws of nature and the forms found in the creation stories around me. Using these basic forms or designs, I work to represent the bond of art and the continuation of culture.” 122 x 90 cms. Grass tree, bamboo, string, resin and paint. (set of 4 - framed)

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