Topsy Peterson Napangardi

183 x 121 cms Acrylics on Canvas GUN903241 Topsy Peterson Napangardi was born in 1953 at the Aboriginal outstation of Kungkayunti (Browns Bore) south west of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Topsy’s older sister, Lily Kelly Napangardi is a highly established artist. In growing up Topsy was taught the stories of her family’s dreaming. Topsy’s paintings depict the sandhills (Tali) of her and her father’s country. This story was passed onto her by her father. Topsy Peterson’s painting are constructed using small dots in a series of colours. At times she uses a blunted pronged instrument. Her palette is carefully selected and applied to ensure balance and continuity and movement.
Topsy says “I paint my father's country west of Yuendumu. He was a Yuendumu man, a Warlpiri man. Sandhills and scrub country, same as Lily, same Dreaming. The Dreaming stays the same but the colours change, I always like to use new colours, colours of the land, storm clouds, sunrise and sunsets”

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