Naata Nungurrayi "Untitled"


Size: 153 x 92 cms Code: natn.18 Year: 2004, Naata Nungurrayi is a respected senior elder and is recognised as a highly important artist in the Kintore women's artist movement. Naata was born c.1932 at the rockhole site of Kumil, west of the Pollock Hills in Western Australia. She lives now in Walungurru with her sister Nancy Nungurrayi. The Dreamings that Naata paints depict sacred women's sites and women's ceremonies in the Kintore and Kiwirrkura region. As an elder and through her lineage, Naata is one of the few women to have permission to paint certain features of these Dreamings.

Art Gallery of New South Wales
National Gallery of Victoria
Museums & Act Galleries of the Northern Territory
Australian institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
The Holmes a Court Collection
Steve Martin’s Private Collection

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