Kayi Kayi Nampitjinpa "Ngaripungu"


Code: KK1001 Acrylics on Canvas 183 x 121cms. Acrylics on Canvas cms. Region: Western Desert, DOB: c 1946, Language: Pintupi Art Centres: Papunya Tula Artists, Kayi Kayi was born in her country of traditional lands known as Kiwirrkurra, North West of Alice Springs. Today she lives in the Pintupi community at Kintore. Kintore was founded in the early 1980’s when the Pintupi tribes left the government reservation at Papunya. (Kintore is approximately 600 kms west of Alice Springs). Kayi Kayi is part of the new ’second generation’ of artists who started painting in the 1980’s. Although already in her sixties, Kayi Kayi is considered a young artist as she has only been painting since 1996. These second generation women artists whose early beginnings centered around assisting the male artists of Papunya, have emerged with their own unique and sophisticated styles.

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