Adnyamathanha Flinders Ranges

Adam Goodes is from the Adnyamathanha, who are a contemporary Indigenous Australian people from the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, The Adnyamathanha constitute an agglomeration of several peoples, the Kuyani, Wailpi, Yardliyawara, and Pilatapa (amongst others), which are traditional groups of the northern Flinders Ranges and some areas around Lake Torrens. The name Adnyamathanha means "rock people" in the Adnyamathanha language, and is a term referring to the Lakes Culture societies living in that area. They share a common identity, which they get from their ancestors; this common bond is their language and culture which is known as Yura Muda. Adnyamathanha people often refer to themselves as 'yura', and non-Aboriginal people as 'udnyu'.


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The origins of the Adnyamathanha are told through creation stories, passed down from generation to generation. The primordial creator figure of the rainbow serpent is, among them, known as akurra.
The Pleiades are known to them as the Makara which are seen a group of marsupial-like women with pouches, while the Magellanic Clouds are known as Vutha Varkla which are seen as two male lawmen also known as the Vaalnapa.